Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blog Tour: Beat the Band by Don Calame - Guest Post.

I loved reading Beat the Band, it has been one of my favourite stories this year. You can read my review here. His writing is really funny, witty and gripping - I hope you agree in this guest post by him:

Writing Life

People often ask me, “What’s it like to be a writer?”

Well, let me explain what it’s been like to try to start writing this blog. I have now spent the better part of the last twenty minutes writing and deleting my opening paragraph. In fact, I’m very tempted to highlight and delete this paragraph, too.

Maybe it comes effortlessly for others. The words pouring out, forming an endless stream of clever sentences. But I seriously doubt it. For me, anyway, writing is often torturous. And frustrating. And discouraging. It’s a never-ending struggle to try to get my thoughts and ideas out of my head and down on paper. Or, in this case, on to a computer screen.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s upside. There are moments when the ideas do flow easily and I make myself laugh, or cry, or smile. And it’s those moments that keep me coming back to the page. Like the golfer who hacks his way through the links—constantly sending his ball into the sand trap or into the drink—yet every once in a while hits that perfect shot that makes it all worth it.

I’m not sure I’ve got that quite right—and I should probably hit the delete button once again— but I’m going to soldier on because sometimes you have to plow ahead just to see where something leads. I can always go back and edit this—in fact, I am always rereading and editing myself as I write, just as I’ve already gone back over the last several paragraphs in this blog to rework certain things.

Multiple times.

Because it’s never perfect. You can always make something better. No matter how many times you go over it. And over it. And over it. In fact, even when I reread certain passages from my published books I’m thinking Oh, I could have written that sentence better or I shouldn’t have used that word so many times.

All this is to say that writing is work. And if you have the desire to write you need to know that going in. There is no “waiting for the muse” to strike. Or needing the perfect place and utensils to write. You just have to get to it. However you get to it. And then you need to do that the next day, and the next, and the next. Until you’re finished with whatever it is you’re working on. Because if you’re waiting for that perfect setting, that perfect cup of coffee, that perfect notebook, that perfect time, it’s never going to come.

I want to thank Don Calame for being on my blog today! Catch the next stop of the blog tour at Once Upon A Bookcase.
Zoe xx


  1. Great post! Beat the Band looks great! Can't wait to read it!

  2. I've not read the book, but it looks great. Brilliant post, I always feel like that when I'm writing 'I could've done it better' etc.


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