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Fiction Express: Falling Backwards - Chapter 3 + 4

I knew there was going to be a week or so near Christmas time where I wouldn't be able to blog. I have been quite busy, but it is the school holidays (WOOO!) so I will have more time to catch up on posts now. =)

**Fiction Express is an e-fiction site where each chapter is released every Friday. When you have read that chapter, you can vote to what happens next! The first chapter is for free, and the next ten chapters are from 39p. I recommend the site 100% and I suggest you check out the brilliant books they have on offer. Please be aware that my review may have spoilers.**

When a stranger takes the seat next to Leah on the plane to Mexico and unburdens her unhappy story, Leah finds herself involved in someone else's life in a way she'd never thought possible. Can Leah help April correct the mistakes of her past and find peace at last? Will she risk losing herself in the process?

Chapter 3
After being told in the last chapter by Rosa that Leah can only return to 2011 when he fixes April's past, she makes the decision to stay with the Flores family. She also reads a bit of April's diary, which kind of contradicts itself; she convinces herself to read it and that she is doing the right thing, but I would hate it if someone read my diary.... this made me want to read on even more. Throughout the whole chapter I was immersed in the story, and I am pretty sure that my feelings are mutual with a lot of other people.

Chapter 4
This book is quite different from the other previous books we have had on Fiction Express; it is different and unique and I haven't read anything quite like this before - in a good way! I really like the contrast of different characters, and Leah is a good one for the main role. I mean, to be honest, if I was in the position that she is in I would be freaking out and panicking in the corner! Leah is making bold decisions and I like how in each chapter she is becoming more and more independent. Now I have another reason to excited about next week - Christmas and the fifth chapter coming out! ;)

Zoe xx


  1. Great reviews! I've read Chapter 3 but haven't got to Chapter 4 yet - am very intrigued. Thank you!

    Happy school holidays!

  2. hey zoe,

    i'm so pleased you're liking the story! i'm having fun getting to know the characters as i write. i'm impressed with Leah as well -- she's taking it all in stride. perhaps when you have a mentally ill mum, you're used to being the level-headed one when the situations you end up in are difficult to handle...?

    have a lovely christmas!!


  3. Luisa - You NEED to read chapter 4, hope you enjoy it! :)

    Jenny - I'm glad you like my reviews, your story is amazing. I like Leah's character, and I agree that to have a mentally-ill Mum you have to be strong. Thanks!


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